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Jeffrey Greiner – An Introduction to Cochlear Implants

An accomplished medical technology executive with many years of experience in the field, Jeffrey Greiner most recently served as the chief executive officer of Advanced Bionics. In this capacity, Greiner oversaw the manufacture and sale of several neuromodulation products, including cochlear implants.

Defined as a medical device that directly stimulates the auditory nerve in the ear, cochlear implants have proven highly effective in helping deaf people hear. The devices actually act as prostheses for damaged or depleted hair cells in the inner ear.

Cochlear implants consist of two distinct pieces: the external parts and the implant. The external parts of a cochlear implant include a microphone, a processor, and a transmitter, which picks up auditory signals from the environment and transmits them to a surgically implanted receiver. The implant takes the sound signals and uses them to send a series of electrical impulses to the fibers of the auditory nerve, which then travel to the brain for processing. These man-made devices have proved quite successful for post-lingually deafened adults as well as children born deaf.