The New Generation of Cochlear Implants

Jeffrey Greiner is the chief executive officer of Valencia Technologies Corporation in Valencia, California. A veteran of the medical technology field, Greiner previously served as chief executive officer at Advanced Bionics, one of the world’s leading developers of cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants help people who are deaf hear by converting sound waves into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the brain, which perceives them as sound. Approximately 188,000 people worldwide have cochlear implants, most of which provide good enough sound quality to enable them to understand speech in quiet environments.

The newest generation of cochlear implants promises people clearer sound, delivered through innovative technological advances. One new technology, being developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, uses a configuration of electrodes that are three times more sensitive than traditional wire electrodes, but which do not add to the overall size and weight of the electrode configuration. The researchers hope that the new technology will reduce the incidence of muffled or dampened sound and produce better sound quality overall.


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